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2017 Will be a Great Year!

Dates for upcoming Edelweiss events in 2017 have all been added to the Upcoming Events list on the right side of the screen. There's the usual dance practices and meetings, but there's also the Bezirksfest in Milwaukee, the Gaufest in Buffalo, NY, and our "Beer, Brats & Brass" Bavarian Night with our friends who are coming from Rottenbuch. The 40-piece brass band is fantastic -- they've played at the Munich Oktoberfest, all over Bavaria, and multiple times in the U.S.  They'll be our guests here for a few days (anyone want to host a couple of guests??), play for us on Saturday, then leave for Los Angeles to play for another Bavarian club there.  Every time we've hosted Rottenbuch here, we've had a blast and made long time friendships. We from Edelweiss have visited our friends in Rottenbuch a number of times, as well, always leaving with terrific memories.