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GTEV Edelweiss Detroit's dance group promotes Bavarian customs and traditions through dance, language, and Tracht (ethnic costume). We perform our lively traditional Bavarian folk dances and the ever popular Schuhplattler to live music.

Come Dance with Us!

The Edelweiss dance group is always looking for interested dancers of all ages -- children to seniors. No experience necessary. Please contact Eric Walker (see below). Dance practices will start up again when we are able to secure a new site. We no longer practice at the Carpathia Hall because it has been sold.

** Please look at our calendar for practice and event dates. **

Invite Us to Dance for You

If you are interested in having our group perform at your next event, please contact our Vorplattler for more information:
              Eric Walker

Dance Officers 2021

  •   1. Vorplattler - Eric Walker
  •   2. Vorplattler - Kevin Walker
  •   1. Vortänzerin - Christine Walker
  •   2. Vortänzerin - Anni Porter
  •   Schriftführer - Michael Campbell
  •   Sachenschlepper Annette Edelhauser


Vogelwalder as performed at the 100th anniversary of SV Edelweiss Chicago in 2014:   Vogelwalder Video  

Der Boehmerwalder as performed in 2017