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 Siasswasser Tanzlmusi

"Siasswasser Tanzlmusi," under the direction of Rick Michels, is one of the music arms of GTEV Edelweiss. "Tanzlmusi" means dancing music and refers to the lively tunes handed down from Bavaria's rural folk. "Siasswasser" (fresh water) pays homage to the club's home in Michigan, the Great Lakes State. "Siasswasser Tanzlmusi" is one of the few groups of its type in the U.S. to offer authentic Bavarian Landler, Boarischer, and Zwiefacher, along with waltzes and polkas. Over a hundred years ago, rural Bavarians gathered in barns and inns to dance to this music. Today, it's still as fresh and fun as it was then.

We have fourteen musicians, some of whom play multiple instruments such as accordion, Ziach (button box accordion), Hackbrett (hammered dulcimer), tuba, tenor horn, trumpet, clarinets, flute, Okarina (an ancient shepherd's instrument), guitar, and bass. The musicians play in various ensembles.

Edelweiss welcomes anyone who would like to play along with our musicians. Practices are held often but not on a designated schedule.

The band can also be hired to play at your events!

 Gauverband Nordamerika

GTEV Edelweiss is a member of Gauverband Nordamerika, an umbrella organization of over 70 like-minded ethnic societies in the U.S. and Canada. As Gau-Musikwart (music officer) of the Gauverband, Rick Michels oversees the preservation of Bavaria's music heritage, consults extensively with fellow directors in Bavaria, and cultivates ties with preservation societies in Bavaria.  Edelweiss and the Gauverband are fortunate to benefit from his passion for this delightful and timeless music.

 Hear us Play!

Our "upcoming events" listing on the right side shows events where Siasswasser is scheduled to play -- come and hear us!

Or enjoy these videos:

50ger Festmarsch - a march composed by our own Rick Michels in honor of the Gauverband Nordamerika's 50th anniversary in 2016.

Böhmischer Traum - a terrific song for listening or dancing or tapping your toes

Rehragout Boarischer - dance to it, sing along to it

Rehragout Boarischer - Another video of the same great song -- after all, it's about deer goulash! Yes, you read that right, deer goulash.

Dem Land Tirol die Treue - good for dancing, singing

Boarischer fürn Berti - another Boarischer -- it's a type of dance and they never get old!

Marsch der Steirer - a lively March

Beautiful Music - will add the name when I find it out!

Maxglaner Zigeunermarsch - such a popular march -- on this video several Siasswasser musicians were "playing just for fun"