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Edelweiss Wins at the Gaufest!

The 19 members who attended the 27. Gaufest in Washington, D.C., are back home.  We're proud of our big winner -- Barb Rauschendorfer!  She will reign as Schafkopfkönigen after winning the tournament. She gets to keep the Wanderpreis for two years.  You'll see a picture of it in the next Wegweiser.  Congratulations, Barb!  She did our Verein proud. Her teacher, Caroline Schaefer, is probably beaming. The late Aunt Caroline was serious about her game, and Barb learned from the best.

In Einzelpreisplatteln, the news is good, too.  Renee Edelhauser (dual member of our Verein & Edelweiss St. Paul) placed 18th out of 61 ladies in her age group.  Annette Edelhauser placed 7th out of 10 in her age group.  Kevin Walker placed 22nd out of 54 men in his age group. Our Bavarian member, Anita Biereder, placed 1st out of 10 in her age group.  Quite a showing!

We're also proud of our Patenverein, SG Edelweiss St Paul, on their excellent results.  2nd place in Gruppenpreisplatteln means they'll be competing next year at the Bayerischer Löwe. Five of their dancers took places 1-3 in Einzelpreisplatteln and will also be Löwe eligible!  Another Patenverein, D'Miesbacher Oimtaler Denver, also has two EPP winners!  Congratulations to all of them!

For complete dance results, check out THIS LINK that will take you to the Gauverband website.  

The highlight for many of us but especially our musicians was that the Lechgau Gaukapelle was at the Gaufest. The music was terrific.  Siasswasser Tanzlmusi played, too.  And the Gau-NA Gaukapelle under Rick Michels' direction was so good that they ended up being able to play with the Lechgaukapelle on Saturday and Sunday.  Just wonderful!

You'll read much more about the Gaufest in the next issue of the Wegweiser.