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News about 2022 Monthly Meetings

January 9 Meeting & Dance Practice -- Cancelled!

2022 is going to be another roller coaster of a year thanks to the ongoing pandemic. At our committee meeting on January 5, we decided that each month's meeting and dance practice will be decided at the committee meeting held the Wednesday before. We'll be taking into consideration the latest COVID infection rates and whether it would be safe for us to meet. Our main concern is that no one get sick as a result of coming to a meeting or practice. This makes it a little difficult to plan your "second Sunday of the month" activities but we hope that it will keep us all healthy.  To keep you informed -- emails will be sent after the committee meeting; calls will be made to those without email; and the meeting decision will be posted here on the website. Feel free to call any of the committee members to check.

January is typically when we elect officers; February we swear them in and take a picture of the new committee.  At the next committee meeting we'll talk about how to proceed with elections. Please be patient as we continue to zigzag our way through 2022.