We're Dancing on June 20 at Carpathia! 

Carpathia puts on a fun Fathers Day Fest on June 20-21 in a tent on the Carpathia campus. Edelweiss dancers have been asked to dance and will show their talents at about 6:45 on Saturday night, June 20.  Come out and enjoy some food, beer, desserts, and Gemütlichkeit!  **

On that Saturday, many musicians from around the Gauverband will be in town to practice all day as the Gaukapelle.  Four years ago, Gaumusikwart Rick Michels (Edelweiss's own music director, as well) mailed out music to musicians throughout the Gauverband. They practiced on their own for about a year. At the Gaufest held in Orlando, Florida, in 2011, the band made its debut.  About 40 musicians, among them many from Edelweiss, were remarkably good considering they had only practiced TOGETHER for a couple of hours. Since then, many of them have continued to work to be even better.  Two years ago in Cleveland they played for the opening ceremonies and parade and were quite good.  This year, they'll be playing for the Sunday afternoon festivities at the Gaufest in Milwaukee.  To prepare for that, a number of musicians will be coming to the Detroit area from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and other places to spend the day inside the Carpathia Hall working hard on their music.  Afterwards, what better way to relax than to go outside and enjoy the hospitality and Kameradeschaft at the Fest. Edelweiss members are excited to welcome our Trachtenfreunde!

**Edelweiss dancers: ladies wear black soft Mieder, cranberry skirt, apron of choice; men wear white shirt, no tie, green vest. 

26. Mittelwest Bezirksheimatfest 

Say that three times real fast!  What is it?  It's the 26th year of clubs from the Midwest getting together to celebrate camaraderie and tradition together. Each year the groups meet in a different city in the Midwest, hosted by a different club, to have a wonderful weekend together. Up to 300 people from about 20 clubs! The Fest has everything -- time to socialize, workshops about all things Bavarian, dancing, great music, dance exhibitions and competition for the youth, more socializing. The children who were there at the early Feste are still attending -- many with their own children. The friendships made over the years are strong; the sense of community keeps growing.

Early next year our club will publish more info about the event, which will be held in one location: the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Anyone within Gauverband Nordamerika is invited to attend. If you're not a member of a club, contact Edelweiss Detroit to find out how to participate. 

When?  Friday, April 1 - Saturday, April 2, 2016

Let the Fahnenweihe Weekend Begin! 

Everyone is excited about GTEV Chiemgau Windsor's Fahnenweihe this weekend! Besides seeing our Patenkind in Windsor, our other Patenkind -- STV Bavaria Cleveland -- will be there. Friday, May 1, starts the weekend off with a Volkstanzabend at the Teutonia Windsor. Saturday at 3 pm we'll be at the Corpus Christi Parish in Windsor to take part in the blessing of Chiemgau's new flag. Then back to Teutonia for the Festabend -- dinner, dancing, more dancing, and great music, including our own Siasswasser Tanzlmusi.  Sunday at 11 am, join us for Frühschoppen.  Some tickets are still available for Saturday's banquet.  Friday & Sunday are sold out events. See more detailed info on Chiemgau's website at www.maifestwindsor.com.

Edelweiss: Friday & Sunday, Boarisch Gwand; Saturday, Festtracht

Church location: Corpus Christi Parish, 1400 Cabana Road West, Windsor, ON, N9G 1C4

Fest Hall: Teutonia Club, 55 Edinborough Street, Windsor, ON, N8X 3C3,  519-969-3815

Hotel: Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel, 2530 Ouellette Ave. Windsor ON N8X 1L7, 519-966-1860


Sunday, April 19 -- Weisswurst Essen! 

Will you be there?  Food, friends, fun -- what's not to like?  Enjoy Weisswurst along with soft Bavarian pretzels that are seldom found outside of Bavaria. The "right" Bavarian mustard completes the perfect Frühschoppen.  And of course, your favorite beer, including Weissbier, will be available at the bar.  $5 pays for the meal; bar is cash. And what would a Bavarian gathering be without some live music by our own Siasswasser Tanzlmusi?  Come enjoy a few hours with Edelweiss, starting at 11:30 am at the Carpathia Hall in the GACC room!

Patenbitten with Chiemgau Windsor Feb. 7 

We're excited to welcome our good friends from GTEV Chiemgau Windsor on Saturday, Feb. 7, 6-12 pm. They're coming to ask whether we'll be their Patenverein (sponsor) for their new flag. Edelweiss will have to make sure they're qualified to have a Vereinsfahne -- can they sing, dance, make music? Are they "Treu dem guten alten Brauch"? Will they be able to pass our clever tests?  And what surprises does Chiemgau have in store for Edelweiss??  Put on your boarisch Gwand and join us on Saturday at the Carpathia Hall for what will certainly be a great evening of Trachtenkameradschaft.  Note: This is a members-only event not open to the public.


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