Remembering Rainer Naus 

In Loving Memory of Rainer Naus -- May 13, 1939 - November 3, 2020

Rainer Naus, beloved husband of Janice Naus, father of four, and brother of Anneliese Baker, passed away, November 3, 2020.  Rainer was a life-long member of Edelweiss and former Vorplatter of the Schuhplattler group.  Rainer and his family lived in West Grove, Pennsylvania.

We will miss his joy, laughter, humor, and love.  We are blessed to have known him and will honor his life and memory.  He will be forever in our hearts.

2020 Events -- CANCELLED 

The committee met in a Zoom meeting on September 30 to talk about the last two events of this year -- our Gedächtnismesse in November and our Weihnachtsprogramm in December. After much thoughtful discussion about what those events would look like in this weird year, it was decided that we will not be able to celebrate together as a Verein in 2020. We're all very sad about this because we miss one another and these two gatherings are some of everyone's favorites.

The church is only scheduling events two weeks out, meaning we would not know for sure whether we could have the mass until two weeks before. A luncheon afterwards would not be possible at all because the fellowship area is unavailable for the foreseeable future. The Weihnachtsprogramm is also a difficult one to hold in a safe manner that would include being socially distanced from one another. Our usual "gemütlicher Nachmittag" would not be nearly as pleasant.

We did talk about a surprise for our members that will be rolled out in early December to help make the Christmas season a bit happier.  But.... it's a secret for now!

Bleibt gesund -- stay well!

September Activities Cancelled 

The September meeting and practices have both been cancelled.  September 13 & 27.  The Committee will meet on August 26 to determine what the rest of the year looks like -- meetings, practices, Gedächtnismesse, and Christmas program.  It's a tough year, isn't it, friends?  Stay well!  Bleibt gesund! 

Toni is an Opa! 

"Der Oane Kommt, der Ander Geht" is oft said -- one comes, one goes, the circle of life.  So it is for member Toni Patzelt. He recently lost his mother but he also recently became an Opa to Felix. Felix is the son of Sebastian and Daniella Patzelt.  As you can see, Toni is loving is new role, as is Oma Elvira.  Congratulations to the Patzelt family!


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